Creating of psychophysical health in the womb

It is known how important the mother-child bond is, especially in the first months of life. But this bond is nothing but an extension of a relationship that began long ago, in the moment of conception. What happens after the birth is but an elaboration of what happened before and depends on it.

With prenatal psychology deepened and enriched the meaning and importance of the role of parents, especially the mothers, who, with her feelings and emotions, guides the emotional development of the child right from the womb.

During pregnancy, the foetus is subject to continuous checks, discussions around the physical development and health. The expectant mother is visiting experts, receives advice, watch her diet, trying to cut harmful habits and acquire new useful, that the child who will bring the world to be strong and healthy.

But, in terms of mental, emotional health and development, most parents do not seem too worried and not even aware of their existence before the time of childbirth. Usually they await the birth of the child to be related with him/her and face the emotional needs.

The moment of birth it is consider as a beginning of the emotional life of the child. Childbirth is just the moment of the necessary exit of the child from the mother’s body, It is the passage from one environment to another. The time before the birth, in the views of recent years, appears as particularly important and crucial chapter of our lives.

Numerous studies around the prenatal life, no longer simply theories and enlightened perceptions, but studies based on objective criteria and critical elements in the field of physiology, neurology, biochemistry and psychology. The results are unanimous: at least from the sixth month of pregnancy (but few even know about the previous period), the foetus feels, receives many messages, disturbed, reacts remembers, learns…

Nevertheless psychotherapists confirm that many disorders begin during the life of the baby in the womb that might have been traumatic or because of the traumatic circumstances of the birth. There are critical moments in the creation and survival of an embryo that later becomes a foetus and a baby. A possible trauma occurring at these vital stages has a powerful impact on a person’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development. We can trace specific personality traits and behaviours to patterns at specific stages in a person’s development as a baby in the womb.

Healing our conception is based on the idea that the patterns, traumas, emotions, feelings that create and define us were in place at the moment of our conception and ancestry line. Throughout our life we might express trauma that didn’t necessarily start with us. Many traumas and patterns are related to our ancestral line. We might even unconsciously express trauma that stemmed from conception, development in the womb and from our parents.

It is very important therefore for the parents to know more around the life of the foetus, so that they can give their children the necessary attention during this period of their life and to provide everything that is necessary for the baby’s physical and emotional health. Emotional health, of course, involves the physical, as after birth, the baby lives in a calm environment, with a sense of acceptance and trust, grows well and get sick less, so in the womb the foetus feels the energies of it mothers environment positive or negative, her emotions, feelings, anxiety, fears, and grows accordingly.

When the baby is born, carries within it, along with all the emotional inheritance, all the experiences lived in the womb. Endometrial experiences will affect the relationship with his mother, his future perceptions and preferences, his character, in two words, the rest of his life.

Because the relationship of the mother and the baby from the womb stages is undoubtedly very important for the future life, the emotional and physical health of the new baby the mother should be protected, supported, nourished well, live a quite life in nature, be calm and stress free.

In our times and living mainly a city life as we know it, it is adamant that after the birth of a baby, the parents should proceed with a therapy of the baby’s life in the womb as well as all the patterns, emotions, feelings and traumas inherited from his ancestors and parents.