Dancing, the best ally to overcome melancholy, stress, fatigue and much more

As you know, dance plays a very important role in the physical and emotional development of children and adolescents.

Every child is an innate artist, and the arts are fun instruments to exercise the mental skills important for their integral development.

Dancing is a healthy activity while fun.

Although this statement should be added a third adjective, the therapeutic.

According to a study conducted among adolescents and published in the Archives of Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine, dancing reduces the feeling of discomfort and stress common in this critical age.

The research, conducted at the  Orebro University Hospital in Sweden and led by the psychotherapist and instructor of dance, yoga and «core» Anna Duberg, was carried out for three years with 112 girls between 13 and 18 years old.

The young women, enrolled in a school in Sweden at the therapist’s request,  suffered from psychosomatic disorders such as headaches, backaches, stomachaches, or a feeling of fatigue, anxiety or depression.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate if the dance had a positive influence and favored the reduction of symptoms.

At 12 months, in 83% the pain and anxiety had disappeared.

Eight months after starting dancing, 63% of the girls said: “feel good”.

At 12 months, the rate rose to  83% and the psychosomatic pains and anxiety had disappeared.

The result of this study was, without a doubt, conclusive:

Dance helps girls overcome melancholy, stress, fatigue and headaches, as well as improving mental health and self-esteem at a crucial time such as adolescence.

And for adults it is a great pleasure to watch them dance or do any kind of artistic activity.

Therefore, we leave this video at your disposal, which is a gift for the eyes and the heart.

Enjoy it.