This school replaced detention with meditation and the results are phenomenal

What would you do if you were a school teacher and your students started misbehaving? Traditionally school teachers would give detention or suspension depending on the situation.

Most people wouldn’t discipline a misbehaving student by telling them to sit down and meditate, but this new strategy is happening at Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore Maryland.

Since the beginning of last year, the primary school has not suspended a single student. Their new method of serving consequences is definitely working.

The school decided to focus on meditation as a new way to serve detention for misbehaving students.

Instead of sending children to stand outside the classroom, or go to the principal’s office every time they misbehave, they get sent to the ‘Mindful Moment Room’.

The school has also been seeing a nice tangible benefit from this program as well.

Philips said that at Robert W. Coleman Elementary, there have been exactly zero suspensions last year and so far this year.

Meanwhile, nearby Patterson Park High School, which also uses the mindfulness programs, said suspension rates dropped and attendance increased! Ever since this new method, kids are wanting to come to school!

I hope all schools can use this new method of giving consequences to misbehaving children!